Souvenirs To Get From Quebec

If you visit the city of Quebec in Canada it would be akin to visiting a miniature French capital city. The official language is French showcases the influence of this country’s culture in this region of Canada. It is also one of the largest provinces in the country which lies bordered by the Hudson Bay on one side and Ontario on another. The continental climate of this region makes the winters here long, cold and snowy as well as offers warm, hot and humid summer months. No matter which part of the year you visit Quebec, there are several unique cultural and urban landmarks to visit here. If you wish to carry back souvenirs from this unique city of Canada, here are some ideas that you will find useful.


The souvenirs that you can carry back from here can range in different categories, depending on what you like to pick up during your stay here. Among artistic souvenirs, you will find several cultural artifacts of the aboriginals who were native settlers of the region. These could be silk screen paintings, portraits or photos, wooden sculptures, textile art, blown glass works, embossed pieces of copper, jewelry, and others.

The First Nations souvenirs are also popular that many take back from Quebec. These range from Inuit art, moccasins, jewelry made by native artists, sculptures, dream catchers and so forth.

Canada also has several unique gourmet items to offer. These could be excellent to carry back home, not only for gifting to your loved ones but also to get as samples to try yourself or use in your everyday cooking. Gourmet souvenirs from Quebec comprise of local cider, cheeses, wine, berry liqueur, ice cider, and craft brewed beer and other items. Of course, it depends on what you could carry back as per flight regulations.

The souvenirs that fall into the category of folk and history are varied. You can look at items like plaid shirts, musical instruments like the Jew’s harp, wooden spoons, arrow sashes, and trumpets. Of course, books that showcase the history of the region are also great buys.

Other standard souvenir items that you could pick up from any tourist and information center across the region include posters, hats, key rings, postcards, mugs, stickers, pins, plates, t shirts, license plates stating “Je me souvenirs”, Quebec flag, Christmas decorations and others.

You could try religious souvenirs from this region such as objects that depict the Shrine of Sainte Anne de Beaupre, buns that are blessed by Saint Genevieve and others.

If you are wondering which shopping places to visit to check out different gift items while in Quebec, the Fleur de Lys shopping center is one. Being located downtown and housing over 150 stores; it is a wonderful shopping destination for visitors. Auberge Saint-Antoine showcases the history of Quebec. The Quartier Petit Champlain is another place where one can find a wide range of Quebec products, eateries to explore and more.


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