Gourmet Souvenirs For Your Kitchen From Canada

Are you planning to get gift sets from Canada that you could use in your kitchen? There are different kinds of unique gourmet items you could source from this country. If food is what represents the true flavor of a country to you, here are some Canadian flavors and food items you could get for your kitchen.

  •         Gift baskets

If you can lug such items back home, these can be wonderful gift hampers for food lovers or for your home kitchen. Try cold cuts, terrine, tea and different fish items that make up the diverse items in a hamper. Some even come with useful utensils that reflect the quality work of the craftsmen of the country. I received a beautiful basket from these painters in Delta, BC. I thought it was such a considerate gift. 

Gourmet SouvenirsGourmet Souvenirs

  •         Natural extracts

Among nature based and organic items that you could procure, there are honey products to be obtained which are a specialty of Montreal; there are artisan items that come from different urban areas. Diverse floral honey is a specialty that you can avail from Canada. Besides natural extracts like honey, try jars of jams, mustard, marinades that have unique flavors and will help you spice up your dishes in different ways. Jams include wild berries and different combinations that are popular products from different natural forests in Canada.

  •         Artisan gourmet items

For those who have the taste for the fine things in life, Goose Mousse of Foie Gras could be explored which come in different flavors of wine, juniper, ice cedar, and others. There are delicious sauces to explore as well, which are made from wild forest ingredients.

You could also indulge in shopping for meat and fish products like the braised pork, scallops prepared with lobster mushrooms and others. For a taste of the exotic, you could try the wild forest flan items that come with helpful recipes. That will surely be a new addition to your kitchen and culinary skills as well.

  •         Wines and more

There are different drinks that are native to Canada. For instance, sparkling cider is a drink associated with this country. You can source cider made from apples grown in the Quebec region; it makes a refreshing and natural beverage; blueberry herbal teas, fruit and floral drinks made from real and natural extracts are some of the several kinds of drinks you could source from Canada.

If you find it cumbersome to carry back such items from Canada, there is hope. You could simply know the websites that sell such authentic Canadian gourmet items and purchase them online. This helps you source these items conveniently and order more when required. You would need to pay more for overseas shipping charges, but many websites offer attractive deals as well. That makes such purchases cheap and convenient. It will help you savor the memories of the meals and drinks you have lived in Canada, whether you stayed or traveled as a tourist. It will also help you spread the flavors of the items of the country in your own region and among your loved ones.

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